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Band, Baaja, Bride!

D-day is nearing and you want to look your best. Try these tips to look great on your big day.
by Deepa Mistry

Most girls dream of growing up and having a fairytale wedding or a filmi wedding and to top it all, no one does it like we Indians do! Weddings in India are always an affair to remember, especially with all the band-baaja, dancing and a wide spread of cuisines from around the world!

Anyone in the midst of their own wedding fever will know the number of arrangements and tiny details that need seeing to in that last fortnight before the wedding. Till the last moment it can be utterly overwhelming for the bride. A bride needs to look her best all the time and the most basic and simplest trick is to stay relaxed. We know you’ve heard this a million times, while thousands of thoughts circle round your head, but remember it’s your big day and all you need to focus is on yourself.

10 tips to look stunning on your D-Day:

Face: Make sure you invest in a great skin treatment weeks before the date. A day or two before your wedding, fix an appointment and spend a good amount of time getting a facial, a haircut (nothing drastic), and a body massage, and you will shine for the next few days. Moisturise your skin well even the night before the wedding day and avoid too much sunlight exposure. Use a cleansing lotion to clean the skin pores, and an eye cream would be great for your dark circles. Keep your body and skin hydrated.

hands and nailsHands and nails: Not only will everyone want to look at your wedding rings or henna, but your hands will be photographed as well. You’ll definitely want your nails to look your best! While getting your wedding manicure, be sure to take someone with you. Your friend can assist with the little things that can possibly ruin finger nails, such as taking money out of your wallet and opening doors or driving. Give your fingernails at least 30 minutes to dry completely before you try to do anything else.

Hair: Get your hair trials done well in advance. If you plan to get a haircut, try to avoid something new. When you have your hair styled for your wedding, don’t let your stylist pull it back so tightly that it hurts. You may think you’ll get used to the tugging feeling on your scalp, but more likely you’ll end up with a headache. Start prepping months before the day, and then have final colour done a few days before. Never make a drastic change for your wedding day, and remember that your colour should enhance the way you look, creating a soft halo of beauty. It should not be the standout feature. Get deep-conditioning treatments leading up to the wedding day, and ask your hairdresser to use a shine-enhancing gloss on your final colour treatment.

Skin: Most of your blouses are going to be backless or the wedding gown will be a deep or backless one. Make sure you get a good treatment if you suffer from back acne. Back or body polishing would be ideal for your wedding day.

Eyes and lips: You can take a few extra steps to make regular lipstick more long-wearing. Before applying lip colour, smooth a bit of foundation over your lips – this will make your lipstick go on more evenly as well as help it stay on longer. Outline your lips with a lip liner, then fill in lips with the liner as well. Using a lip brush, apply one coat of lip colour.  Don’t go overly dramatic with the eyes by mixing colours. Ask your make-up artist for options before finalising the eye makeup. It’s your wedding day and you’re going to cry. Wear waterproof eye-makeup, and in particular, waterproof mascara.

Dress: The most important thing is dress fittings. Even if it’s last minute, check all your outfit fittings, and pick the correct dress fittingslingerie – you don’t want to be uncomfortable on your wedding day.

Shoes: Buy two pairs of shoes. Try them out at home because you are going to be on your feet for the entire day and you don’t want to be tired because of painful shoes. If you aren’t used to wearing very high heels, don’t buy them. Keep an extra pair handy in case you have trouble with the former one.

Personal care: Avoid any kind of waxing just before your wedding. Plan it days in advance so you don’t have last minute breakouts. If your skin is sensitive, don’t go for facials with heavy products, use milder or natural ones. Brighten your smile; visit your dentist for the best treatments for pearly white teeth.

Emergency kit: You never know what will actually happen at the wedding so it is advisable to be prepared with a touch up kit. Pack lots of tissues and wet wipes, an eye liner, a lip liner, a lip gloss and a compact powder, lipstick, blush and eye colours in a convenient case so someone around you can keep it handy always.

Smell good: You don’t want to wear just any old scent on your wedding day. Pick the best because the one you pick is always going to remind you of your special day. Take a girlfriend to a fragrance shop with you – but only try three at any given time.

So get ready to put your best foot forward and dazzle everyone with that gorgeous smile and stunning looks!

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