Published on January 7th, 2013


An open letter to our politicians

Jatin Sharma is furious over politicians’ irresponsible statements following the Delhi gang rape case. This is his letter of rebuttal.

My dear mindless politicians,

I have had enough from you guys.  Don’t play politics when your daughter has died. Don’t play politics when the nation is feeling sad. And don’t try to teach us things when the nation is feeling wounded.

In the past few days, the rage over the death of our daughter has grown five-fold. There is no need to enrage us more. As a country, we know that you have failed as leaders to run our nation and make our lives better. And no, don’t take any credit for running our nation! It’s only because of the intellectuals and the people of India and their hard work that our country can boast of a good economy. You guys have had no part to play in it, except for the being part of several scams that have happened in the country.

You have constantly dirtied my city with your posters on the streets wishing me during Ganapati and Janmashtmi and Eid festivals. I don’t need your good wishes. You will never ever take up real issues in your lifetime. You are actually scared to lead us.

I am utterly disgusted – with the way you have started handling the Delhi gang rape case. And you’ve made some incredible statements, some utterly senseless and irresponsible statements that have shamed me to the core of my being. I have a few replies to make:

Statement 1: The rape victim should be given the Ashok Chakra

Whoever made this statement should be asked to go to the India-Pakistan border without a gun and fight with the enemy. When that person dies, we will give him the Paramvir Chakra.

Don’t make a hero out of that girl. She suffered. She was humiliated. She was out with her friend, may be her boyfriend. Please acknowledge that in India, girls have boyfriends. Girls have boyfriends in Bharat also. She was raped by five to six men. She didn’t want to face this situation, she just wanted to live her life. No girl wants a Chakra, she wants security. Give women security, and you can keep the Ashok Chakra.

Statement 2: To prevent rape, we will shut down establishments by 1 am.

Whoever said this should be asked to first shut their mouth, or should be taken around their city in the night to understand the new, progressive India.

This is like saying if you fear robbery, you should stop earning money. By this statement, you mean to say that people should stay at home so that when criminals come out on the streets, people are protected since they are already home. That’s just perfect. And I recently read a story where a man violated a dog. Hope you are asking the dogs to stay at home after dark, too.

Statement 3: Rapes occur in India, not Bharat.

Rapes occur in India because they are reported. In Bharat, because of mentalities like yours, they just die down.

It’s time that India takes over. A rape is a rape, wherever it happens. When we elected you, we elected for an entire nation. You need to understand both India and Bharat and govern. If you cannot understand that both these entities are the same country, you should just resign.

Statement 4: Sita was kidnapped after she crossed a line. There must be a Laxman rekha on women’s behaviour.

Please focus on not having Ravanas in society. Ravana didn’t rape Sita, and he was still taught a lesson.

Why do you blame girls for rape? You should blame your penis-wielding sons! You are a politician, you are responsible for what you say. Please remember that Sita was asked to prove herself with an agnipariksha, which she passed. And yet Ram abandoned her later.

Sita didn’t lose any dignity. But that is what it is. It’s time you came out of the Dwapar yuga and start being responsible for every human being, be it a man or a woman.

My take: If people are restrained and beaten up to avoid being troublesome to society, why can’t we stop politicians, too? Twisting a knife in a wound is not a solution. When the nation is burning, politicians shouldn’t be allowed to fan the flames further.

Jatin Sharma is a media professional who doesn’t want to grow up, because he feels that if he grows up, he will be like everybody else.

(Picture courtesy indianmuslimobserver.com)


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