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Published on August 27th, 2015


Lessons in oral cancer at Kumbh Mela

Indian Dental Association is trying to spread awareness about oral cancer through free camps, check-ups for pilgrims thronging the Kumbh Mela.
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Indian Dental Association (IDA), as part of their endeavour to create awareness about oral health and hygiene and Oral Cancer amongst the masses, are participating in the Jana Swasthya Abhiyan, an initiative of Department of Public Health, Government of Maharashtra.

Today, India has undesirably come to be known as the oral cancer capital of the world. People across the country are addicted to various tobacco products. Such habits can lead to oral cancer. The Kumbh Mela, being a meeting point of masses from diverse parts of the country, proves to be an ideal platform for IDA to provide oral care education and awareness.

Health centre at NashikAs part of the Jana Swasthya Abhiyan, IDA will conduct free oral health check-up camps for 15 days in 4 different phases during the ongoing Mahakumbh in Nasik and Trimbakeswar, starting from August 26, 2015. The aim of the campaign is to create awareness about oral health and hygiene and oral cancer amongst thousands of pilgrims who will be converging at Maha Kumbh from across the country.

According to Dr Ashok Dhoble, Hon’ble Secretary General, Indian Dental Association,“We are aiming to influence thousands of lives by creating awareness about oral health and hygiene and Oral Cancer amongst them. Through this initiative, we will be moving closer to IDA’s vision of improving oral health and quality of life, achieving ‘optimal national oral health for all’ by 2020.”

IDA will be present at 10 locations at Nasik and Trimbakeswar Maha Kumbh to conduct free oral health check-up camps in association with Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hiray Dental College and Hospital, Nashik.

(Pictures courtesy, IDA)

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