On a July morning awash with the promise of a fresh, hearty breakfast at their neighbouring eatery, two journalists decided to do something with their lives.

Or rather, one of them decided to do something with her life, and the other smiled wryly, read the morning papers and decided to let her do her own thing. So this girl thought long and hard, and just when her eyes were getting heavy with sleep, an idea jumped out at her from nowhere.

“But what’s this? A website, you say?” she said to the voice in her head.

“Yes, a website. But nothing newsy, haan. God knows we’ve got enough of those,” said voice-in-head. “Something that talks about the people nobody talks about, unless something really drastic happens to them.”

“Hmm, yes. That makes some sense. But what will it say?” the girl mused.

“Oh please, there’s so much to say. Too much, actually. Who’s listening to people if they’re not celebrities? Or politicians? Or activists?”

The girl thought about it for a day more. Then she got to work.

And themetrognome.in was born.

It’s not a site for breaking news. It won’t always point you to the latest shopping deals or review the latest film or engage you in contests. What it will do, is hunt down the stories behind ordinary Mumbaikars doing interesting, sometimes extraordinary things. It won’t sing paeans to the fabled spirit of wonderful Mumbai, but it will ponder over and present the unusual, the astonishing and even the bizarre facets of Mumbai and her people.

More to the point, it will let all voices – inside your head or out – be heard. Welcome.

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