Published on December 21st, 2013


The bride diaries – getting fit

Brush all that wedding stress aside: follow these simple, last-minute guidelines to look and feel amazing on your special day.
by Deepa Mistry

Every girl has that perfect plan of what her wedding day would be like. The endless shopping trips, appropriate nutritionally-sound diet, regular physical activity and adequate rest are the most important for a bride-to-be. But don’t forget to keep the stress at bay. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that brides-to-be can follow a few weeks before the big day.


jogging–  You might be working out regularly already; continue with the plan but schedule your exercise in the mornings since they require just a few hours of commitment and then you are free to shop, work and relax during the day.

– Do light exercises to keep muscles toned. Stretching and yoga will help keep aches and pain at bay and won’t make you feel tired all the time. (Remember, you’ll be on your feet for hours.)

– 20 to 40 minutes of walking, cycling or jogging will give you the required cardio and this will help release endorphins (feel good hormones) and keep your skin glowing.

– Try to take the stairs or walk to the coffee machine while at work. This this will help you shed some calories.

– Never overdo any of your exercises. Over-exercising will leave you tired and not energised. Moderation is the key.

– Avoid quick-fix workouts that promise miracles like instant weight loss. You will end up with water and muscle loss, not fat loss. Don’t be fooled by creams or fitness centre ads.


– Make breakfast your best friend. A balanced breakfast with sufficient proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and good fat is a must. Yes, not all fat is bad.salads

– Pay maximum attention to your fluid intake and by that, we mean say a strict ‘no’ to caffeine, alcohol etc. Drink plenty of water, juices, buttermilk, and coconut water and don’t over indulge in tea or coffee.

– Watch your portion size, especially when indulging in sweets. If you’re at a party or dinner, opt for healthy food like salads or grilled foods and avoid deep-fried or spicy food. Too much of oily and spicy food can cause acne breakouts.

– Dieting doesn’t mean starving yourself, it literally means ‘cut the crap and eat healthy’. Don’t starve yourself under the assumption that you will lose weight; your body will go into ‘save calories mode’ and start accumulating more fat.

– Don’t fall for fad diets that make you eliminate healthy foods under the guise of promising instant results.


sleep well–  Get enough rest. It isn’t called ‘beauty sleep’ for nothing. Target a good six to eight hours of sleep, including power naps and quick forty winks while at work also.

– Your lengthy shopping trips can exhaust you. When you return, simply dip your feet in a tub of warm water and unwind.

– Pre-wedding stress can wreak havoc on your skin and health so make sure you take some time off in the day and relax your body. If reading a book, watching a movie or listening to music makes you feel relaxed, do that and stay calm.

– A bride has a zillion things on her mind and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, just cry it out. Don’t cry because you are worried, a good cry will help you relax your mind as well.

Do what you love and love whatever you do, listen to music, take a walk at the beach alone or with your partner, spend time with your dog, do anything that makes you happy because you are about to embark the most beautiful journey of your life.

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