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Brush it off

One makeup product, so many brushes! If you’re wondering what to use when, it’s time to take a short tutorial.
by Ankita Pathak

Let us just admit that the number of brushes that exist for a single makeup product can be overwhelming. And once you zone in on a specific shape, material, and brand, what exactly do you use it for? Well, that’s where we come into the picture! Read on for essential brushes that every girl should have and what they’re used for.

stipple brushThe Stipple Brush 

The flat head foundation brush, also known as the Stipple Brush, is perfect for a smooth foundation application. All you need to do is pour a little foundation on the back of your hand, dip the brush onto it and stipple it across your face. The flat head will give you an airbrushed, high-definition and even finish within seconds.

The Powder Brush

This fluffy brush is ideal for your compact and loose powders. The brush picks up less product than a normal puff and provides an even, matte finish on top of your foundation. Made with natural hair bristles, a powder brush is meant for the areas of the face that tend to shine: between your brows, around and on the tip of your nose, your upper lip and your chin. This allows the rest of your face to glow and breathe.

powder brush

eyeliner brushThe Eyeliner Brush

This flat stiff liner brush (in pic on left) is a great tool to apply liquid or gel liners in the inner and outer lash line. The stiff head makes it easier to apply the liner right next to your lashes, filling any extra gaps that your normal eyeliner brush fails to. For the cat-eye lovers, this is a must have brush as it’s a great little tool to create a precise and even line. Want to use this for more than eyeliner? Put it to use as a brow brush to fill in spots for fuller and dark brows.

The Blending Brushblending brush

As the name suggests, the blending brush can harmoniously blend shades by creating soft edges, without wiping away the colour of your eyeshadow. A windshield wiper motion with the brush can help in blending and mixing colour, just right for the smoky eye. Another use? Swap the brush to apply your concealer in areas difficult to reach.

The Angled Blush Brush

The slanted shape of the angled blush brush offers precise application for a sculpted look. With the angled side, set the brush on your cheeks to sweep on that gorgeous blush colour. Turn the brush around and use the slimmer side for contouring with a bronzer or highlighter. This brush helps in highlighting the features as it enhances the hollows of your face for a great chiselled look.

angled blush brush

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