Published on November 8th, 2012


Easy breezy

We tell you how to dress comfortable and smart in Mumbai’s current dry, hot weather. Plus, season-friendly fabrics and styles.
by Kavya Kolli

The dry heat seems to be making it quite a challenge to dress for comfort while still keeping it stylish. Keep your cool, because we’ve rounded up some simple, effective shopping tips that’ll help you achieve the effortless chic look.

Silhouette Science

The ideal silhouettes for this weather are ones that are airy and flowy. Anything that’s tight and fitted will make the heat that much intolerable, because it won’t allow your skin to breathe.

If you’re dressing for work, shift dresses and A-line dresses are a great style. They look formal and are comfortable to wear. You can also pick a dress that is loose, but has an elastic or a drawstring at the waist. This will add shape to your figure and give it an hourglass-like definition.

If you’re a wearing a skirt, A-line skirts are a good idea. Again, a perfect silhouette to beat the heat because they’re not constricting. You can pair it with a blouse, shirt or a loose top.

Wide legged pants are also a great option. They’re a huge trend this season and you’ll find them everywhere. They’re only fitted at the waist and slightly on the hips and then move away from the body. Not only are they airy and practical for this weather, but also flatter every body type. They can be paired with all kinds of tops to create great looks for work as well as casual and dressy occasions.

For casual and dressy styles, take the Bohemian route – flared dresses, tunics, full length dresses, maxi skirts etc. They’re fun, super chic and their flowy silhouettes will allow ventilation. Bright neon colors will look great during the day. Prints too will look fabulous. You can choose from a variety- ethnic, abstract, animal prints, quirky ones or even simple dots or stripes.

Fabric play

Natural fabrics like cotton and linen are most suitable for hot weather. They’re light-weight, and allow your skin to breathe. These fabrics are also great absorbents, so they’ll keep you cool and dry.

Fabrics with cutwork are also a smart option. The holes in the fabric are great for ventilation. Light weight denims, jerseys and knits are also great in this weather.

Apart from these, you’ll also find blended fabrics. The combination and percentage of each fabric is mentioned on the care tag attached to the inside of the garment. You’ll find natural fabrics blended with natural fabrics and also natural fabrics mixed with synthetic ones. If you’re going for the latter, then make sure the blend contains a higher percentage of the natural fabric. The synthetic fabric is used to add functionality and practicality to the fabric – like making it wrinkle-free or stretchable. The natural fabric will add its properties of making it breathable and airy.

Natural fabrics also have the advantage of containing fewer chemicals so they tend not to cause allergies or irritation to the skin.

Kavya Kolli is a Mumbai-based fashion stylist and avid writer, with an obsessive interest in fashion and beauty.

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