Published on June 12th, 2017


Daily TipSheet: How to deal with the monsoon

The monsoons have arrived – and so have mud stains, seasonal colds and dampness. Here’s how you deal with the monsoons.
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#1 Wear the right footwear. Stay away from flip flops. They are responsible for the back of your trousers or dress getting a million muddy droplets. Wear boots or slippers secured with a strap, so that the back of the shoe does not fly against your foot when you walk.

#2 Deal with the mud stain as promptly as possible. This is how you do it: wait till the mud dries on the fabric completely. Now scrape it off using a spoon or a blunt object, but don’t press the mud into the fabric. Turn the fabric inside out and flush the stain with cold water. Once the stain has lightened, soak it in detergent or a stain removing powder (Vanish and Surf Excel work really well, we find) for two hours. Remove, squeeze out excess water and wash as you normally do.

#3 Getting ahead of the cold. You will find that your nose tickles and you develop a sudden cold as the weather turns. Relax, this is your body’s way of dealing with the drop in temperature and rise in humidity. But you will need to boost your immunity this season, so brew ginger tea (steep freshly cut ginger in hot water for two minutes), eat fresh pudina chutney with your food and get lots of rest.

#4 Hair and skin care. Your hair and skin will most likely become limp and oily during the monsoon season. If you have oily hair and no time to wash it, try dusting baby talc into your scalp to soak the excess moisture. Do not condition your hair, unless it is a water-based one that does not leave a sticky residue. Oily skin can be treated with pulp of a ripe tomato, or fresh potato pulp.

#5 Fungal infections will strike. Fungal infections of the nail and skin on the feet are common, especially if you wear the same shoes every day. These infections can cause nail and skin discoloration, and the nail may even come away loose from the nail bed. Soak your feet in water infused with vinegar or lemon juice to kill the infection. Dry your feet thoroughly, apply some anti-fungal foot powder and see a doctor if the nails are painful or easily breakable.

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