Published on January 10th, 2015


Fortis starts New Year with good health

Fortis Hospital, Mulund organises its very first ‘Health Mela 2015’, aims to keep people healthy all through the New Year.
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Healthy people make a healthy nation. However, recent changes in lifestyle, unconventional influences, ecological imbalances, and improper food habits are contributing to the creation of an unhealthy community. In view of the soaring health concerns affecting children and older people, Fortis Hospital, Mulund organised the ‘Health Mela 2015’, aimed at providing information on all that one needs to maintain good health.

The fair commenced yesterday, January 9, 2015.

School girl drawing healthy diet at Fortis Hospital Health Mela 2015.Emphasising good food habits and healthy living, ‘Health-Mela 2015’ was an amalgamation of numerous activities – ranging from free health screenings, drawing competition for children, healthy-baby contest for toddlers, and a series of lectures imparting knowledge about healthy living and how to keep the ailments at bay. The Health Mela also offered customised health check-up packages, as a first step towards wellness. People were offered tests for blood pressure, total cholesterol, blood glucose, ophthalmic, heart rate and many more. Stalls were set-up in the Hospital premises, offering vital information about the person’s health and wellbeing.

Talking about the objective behind the initiative, Dr S Narayani, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospital Mulund, said, “The ongoing health fair will help people get the New Year off to a healthy start. The ‘Health Mela’ is an attempt to educate the community about how important it is to have preventive healthcare.” She added that the event also targeted the needs of children by providing valuable information on nutrition and exercise. “Besides being educative and informative, the event was also a fun-and-frolic environment for the children. Nearly 200 children from various age-groups participated in drawing competitions organised by the Hospital. Similarly, nearly 65 toddlers were part of the healthy baby contest,” said Rinku Mavani, Head of Marketing and Sales at the hospital.

(Pictures courtesy Fortis Hospital, Mulund)

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