Published on December 9th, 2012


Spin A Yarn – A wild shaadi

Shifa Maitra scripted the story of a girl who gets exactly what she wants – the fun and the prize.

Shifa Maitra’s Twitter bio reads: ‘Part time writer, full time television professional. Friends, films, books, family, music, food, travel, theatre….people, life. Am on a high!’ She won a Special Mention for her effort.

Shifa’s yarn went like this: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….

My best friend was getting married and her husband was my ex lover.

He was hot and she was stupid, i decided to rekindle the affair just for fun, the holiday season and i needed some excitement.

December in Delhi, I was the pretty saali and nobody suspected a thing, though my friend’s mom was pretty sharp.

Felt a little guilty that I wasnt around with the nervous bride, I was busy getting to know the groom better.

Friend’s mother told me I was giggling too much…she would not have been amused if she heard what her son-in-law had just told me.

Got bored in two days, almost got caught on more than one occassion, his friend from Japan was also looking suspicious.

Japanese man with strange accent became my new target, told him our customs demanded that he must dance with me.

Separating man from his camera was tough, he thought he was psy from the gangam video…sigh.

Japanese man wanted indian wife, the bride’s best friend….panic, he asked the groom to talk to me.

In walked the handsome movie star, the groom’s cousin….guess what happened next.

We got along and the vibe was there for all to see, groom and Jap friend were shell shocked, the bride kept smiling stupidly.

Movie star and I left together…the couple never spoke to me again, Japanese man is a huge star back home…sings only sad songs.”

(Picture courtesy details.com)

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