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Published on January 10th, 2013


What your new rail fare will look like

Rounding off of fares and development charge removal may bring down some ticket prices after final calculations are done soon.

A new railway fare formula proposed by the Centre yesterday, in which development charges levied thus far per ticket would soon be abolished on every train ticket (whether local or long-distance) may bring down prices on the local routes in Mumbai. The final recalculations of fares are expected to be done soon.

Development charges of Re 1 are levied on second class tickets and Rs 2 on first class tickets; similarly, the charges levied on a second class pass are Rs 10 and they are Rs 20 for a first class pass. However, with the development charge now removed, ticket prices will come down by Re 1 and Re 2 respectively. Hence, a second class Borivali-Churchgate ticket, for example, will now cost Rs 10 from the earlier Rs 11. However, the fare for the same journey on a first class ticket remains unchanged.

The following are the expected (tentative) fare hikes on your commute:


FIRST CLASS monthly pass:

Churchgate to Virar: Rs 1,035

Churchgate to Borivali: Rs 650

Churchgate to Mumbai Central: Rs 285

Churchgate to Dadar: Rs 420

Churchgate to Bandra: Rs 425

Churchgate to Andheri: Rs 565


SECOND CLASS monthly pass:

Churchgate to Virar: Rs 270

Churchgate to Borivali: Rs 170

Churchgate to Mumbai Central: Rs 75

Churchgate to Dadar: Rs 120

Churchgate to Bandra: Rs 120

Churchgate to Andheri: Rs 155


SECOND CLASS suburban single journey:

Churchgate to Virar: Rs 15

Churchgate to Borivali: Rs 10

Churchgate to Mumbai Central: Rs 5

Churchgate to Dadar: Rs 10

Churchgate to Bandra: Rs 10

Churchgate to Andheri: Rs 10
SECOND CLASS suburban single journey

CST to Panvel: Rs 20

CST to Kasara: Rs 30

CST to Byculla: Rs 5

CST to Karjat: Rs 25

CST to Kalyan: Rs 20

CST to Dadar: Rs 5
CST to Thane: Rs 15
CST to Kurla: Rs 10

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3 Responses to What your new rail fare will look like

  1. Deepak says:

    I want to know Price of 1st class pass from CST TO vivar via dadar.
    For 1 month and 3 months

  2. vikas pillai says:

    i want the rate of panvel to andheri first class pass of local train

  3. sarita says:

    want latest railway time table and fair chart

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