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Published on March 26th, 2013


Paani cut!

The BMC cuts 745 water connections in 22 municipal wards during a special drive conducted to assess non-payment of dues.
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The State of Maharashtra is grappling with the worst water crisis in years, and in Mumbai, 22 wards have a different water crisis of their own. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s (BMC) Hydraulic Engineer’s department, during a special drive in Mumbai starting March 15, 2013, found that several wards in the city had not paid its dues.

As a result, the department has cut as many as 745 water connections in 22 wards in Mumbai for non-payment of outstanding dues. So if your house taps have been running drier than usual, this could be the reason.

The ward-wise cut connections are:

Ward A: 10

Ward B: 1

Ward C: 14

Ward E: 7

Ward F/North: 15

Ward F/South: 12

Ward G/North: 20

Ward H/East: 49

Ward H/West: 28

Ward K/East: 33

Ward K/West: 43

Ward L: 50

Ward M/East: 124

Ward M/West: 145

Ward P/North: 10

Ward P/South: 27

Ward R/Centre: 10

Ward R/North: 21

Ward R/South: 24

Ward N: 31

Ward S: 23

Ward T: 48

(Source: Hydraulic Engineer’s department, the BMC)

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