Published on January 11th, 2013


Some Friday comedy

M digs out some unintentionally funny videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh harder than today’s big ticket release.

Sometimes one needs a few chuckles to be relieved from the monotony of one’s daily chores. And most of the time we expect this from the most traditional source of entertainment – films. But, in vain, as recent films’ level of ‘humour’ has left us nonplussed.

The degrading quality of humour in our movies these days has ceased to astonish me any more. The  latest addition to the lack of comedy is Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola for lines like, ‘Raja dil saand ho na, toh har ladki bhains dikhaye deti hai, meri jaan.’ HAHAHAHAHA. Not.

The essence of comedy as an art is all but lost. And so our urge to laugh is dying.

But worry not, there is some hope left in the world of films to evoke a gurgle or two. I’ve found a few such examples for your viewing pleasure – ironically, these scenes were not intended to be funny. The point is, watch these videos and don’t feel too bad if you haven’t got a ticket, yet, to watch Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola and her pink buffalo.

Comedy #1) This guy is probably under the influence of a very powerful drug, which could explain the killer dance steps. Do watch the whole song, you don’t want to miss these moves.


Comedy #2) You’ve never seen anything like this before. Viewers’ discretion is advised. Scenes are gory and hilarious.

Comedy #3) For the days you’re missing a good Superman flick.


Comedy #4) The Indian Matrix, starring Vijayakanth from down under…


Comedy #5) Vijayakanth does it again. This time with Windows Media Player. I’m going to sue Windows for prejudice – why doesn’t my version do the same?


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