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4 ways in which Gmail is really awesome

We bet you didn’t know about these little Gmail tricks. Find them, and more, to have the best Gmail experience.
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Gmail is undoubtedly the most used email platform globally, with a host of unbeatable features. The best part is, though we’re using Gmail regularly, we’re nowhere close to knowing just how awesome Gmail is – because most of us are using only a small percentage of its features!

All we do with Gmail is send and receive emails, and run the occasional search to look for an old email. Still others are creating folders to categorise their emails, while some are adding filters and installing blocks to keep out unwanted mailers. However, there’s a big recreational element to Gmail as well, which makes the sending and receiving of emails a great experience. Plus, there are some hacks you can adopt to safeguard your privacy, protect yourself against possible phishing attacks, even reply to emails without typing out the reply.

Here’s presenting , in no particular order, 4 awesome Gmail tips:

1. Know who’s legit. Say you’ve recently opened an account with a payment gateway, and you’ve been corresponding with them regularly till your account is fully activated for use. However, one day you receive an email with the subject ‘Your ___ account has been compromised’ and asks you to open and fill out Gmaildetails in an attached document to verify your account and activate it again,

Do this: Go to Settings > Look for ‘Authentication icon for verified senders’. Enable this feature.

Once you’ve activated this feature, the first time a company sends you an email will be earmarked by Gmail. Every time a genuine email comes from this company, it will be indicated by a small yellow key. If the key is missing, you’ll know it’s a hoax mail or probably a virus.

2. It doesn’t matter if you type the Gmail ID wrong. Sure, email IDs are case sensitive and the slightest character out of place will make the email you sent bounce back to your inbox as an ‘unsent’ email. But Gmail is made of sterner stuff. If the email you are sending to the sender with the ID, say ‘’, it won’t matter if you send the email to ‘’ or even ‘’. Gmail will still send your email and it will safely reach the sender, because the dots don’t matter to Gmail’s algorithms. Plus, you can send it to ‘’ and the email will still reach because Gmail disregards the capital letter you mistakenly put.

Gmail is awesome3. Send a reply without typing a word. Sometimes we receive emails to which we give the same standard reply over and over again. Say you often receive email invitations to attend seminars by a reputed management college. You don’t want to attend the seminar, but you don’t want to mark their emails as ‘Spam’ because they sometimes send useful information. Nor do you want to offend them by asking to be unsubscribed from their mailing list. In this situation, simply keep a standard response ready which you will not have to type out every time they write to you. Go to Settings àLabsàLook for ‘Canned responses’ and enable this feature. After this, compose the reply you want to send and save it under ‘New canned response’. The next time you receive a pesky email, simply go to ‘Canned responses’ and select the reply you have already created.

4. Never forget to include attachments. If you’re sending an important email, you take care to compose the body text but after you’ve sent the email, you are horrified to realise that you forgot to attach the files with it. Then you have to send a follow up email informing the receiver that you forgot to add the attachment. Instead of going through this embarrassment, take corrective action: Go to Settings àLabsà Look for ‘Forgotten attachment detector’ and click ‘Enable’. Once you save the changes, Gmail will alert you every time you try to send the email without the attachment.

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