Published on February 18th, 2014


Exhibition: Prakash Ghadge showcases Mumbai

Renowned pen and ink artist’s solo show opens today at Nehru Centre Art Gallery; presents Mumbai in all its splendour.
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In the rush to run our daily lives, and in the midst of increasing traffic, commuter chaos and crime, we often forget one simple fact: Mumbai is gorgeous.

Renowned Pen & Ink Artist Prakash GhadgeHowever, noted pen and ink artist Prakash Ghadge (in pic on left) hasn’t forgotten the city of his birth. In a solo showing starting today, February 18 to 24, 2014 at the Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Prakash will exhibit a series of his works capturing the small, hidden beauties of Mumbai.

Prakash says, “I aim to gather all the small beauties of our own city and put them down in my paintings. I am excited to showcase my exhibition with a specific aim to let people know the beauty of their own city. I have travelled across the world, yet I always question myself, ‘Why do Indians plan their sightseeing outside India?’ As soon as I returned from my world art tour, I began drawing my own city. That’s when I decided to do a series on each city with its course of nature, too.”

He adds, “What gives my work its originality is my use of the Rotring pen, that helps emphasise light and shadows. First and foremost, nature is the inspiration of my work. Drawing and sketching have always been a part of my life. Wherever I go, my camera or sketch book are always with me so that I can capture all sorts of subjects that I would like to sketch. I have also exhibited my favourite subject related to water, like the Ghats, boats, reflections.”

In the exhibition, you can see the few Benares Ghat drawings (in pic below) Prakash has added. “I have always wanted to share that emotion, Benaras Ghat_Pen & Ink Drawing_Upcoming solo Exhibition_Nehru Centre _18th to 24th February, 13which often exists for only a moment,” he explains.


Head to Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli, from today up to February 24, 2014. 

(Pictures courtesy Prakash Ghadge)

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