Published on October 6th, 2014


Attend: ‘Stillness in Motion’, pottery and painting exhibition

A melange of canvas and clay, the showing will feature pottery work by Shalan Dere and paintings by Radhika Bawa. Don’t miss.
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With the onset of the festive season, the city is currently deluged with several high-quality events and exhibitions. A noteworthy example of these is ‘Stillness in Motion’, an exclusive display of art work through a culmination of paintings and pottery.

The week-long exhibition starts today, October 6 and continues till October 11 in Mumbai and includes a marvellous collection of horse paintings by Radhika Bawa and enticing colourful pottery by Shalan Dere. The motion of the wheel and horses produces the beautiful stillness that has been captured in the form of pottery and paintings with the artists’ mindfulness and enthusiasm for art.

Shalan Dere's work for Stillness in Motion - CopyShalan Dere, a business management professional-turned-potter is the proud owner of Potters Place, a pottery studio in Mahim. She also conducts regular pottery classes. Radhika Bawa is a painter and an art connoisseur who creates magic with her paintbrush and has participated in numerous shows. Shalan and Radhika have come together for the first time to express their unique interpretation of colours and forms.

Shalan will showcase simple wheel-thrown forms in unique shades of colours. With great likeness for aesthetic sensibility, she brings various forms of clay to life. Testing and trying new hues with different glaze techniques is her forte. Every pot is a piece woven with amazing colours especially blue, turquoise and brown. Fired with alternative firing techniques, like Raku resulting in a vibrant metallic sheen and Saggar firing which results in very soothing, marble like finish, each pot is unique in its form and color.

Radhika will showcase a series of paintings of horses in acrylic and water colors as a medium to express her understanding of the physical form. A horse lends itself as an apt medium due to its rugged yet graceful structure and symmetry in its creation. What makes these conversation pieces stand out is the artist’s attempt to visualise plains and contours through different colours and textures alone and eliminating the infusion of lines in the painting. Radhika has beautifully captured the various moods of a horse through her brushstrokes and brought to life its power, agony and beauty.

Largely self- taught, both artists believed there is a certain stillness in every motion.

Head to the Bajaj Art Gallery, Bajaj Bhavan, Jamnalal Bajaj Road, Nariman Point, between 11 am to 7 pm. Call 9773095005/9820329807 for details.

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